BOX CLEVER    is a boxing fitness and training programme designed specifically by
Birmingham's former British middleweight champion and world title winner Wayne
Elcock. The programme is designed to help promote and tackle a number of key issues
and instill important values that will help the children progress in many areas of their
life. Everything Wayne learned in the ring and out of it to become Britain's best, forms
the basis of his programme

BOX CLEVER   is a community winner. For all age groups it provides discipline, team
spirit, fitness. It helps weight loss and muscle building. It develops confidence, respect
and loyalty. A kid learning boxing is highly unlikely to be the kid who carries a knife or

BOX CLEVER   is Head coach Wayne Elcock's way of teaching the correct boxing
techniques that trained and disciplined him over 23 years to reach the peak of his
profession, Wayne has been a qualified professional boxing coach since 2005, and has
2 other qualified ABA boxing coaches who work alongside him on all classes.

BOX CLEVER   sessions have already been practised safely and very successfully with
boys and girls from aged from just five upwards using the programmes designed by
Wayne Elcock. With West Midlands Police Force, Birmingham City Football club, Aston
Villa Ladies Football club, and numerous schools in the midlands region having all took
part in these fun and energetic sessions.

BOX CLEVER   presently works with both boys and girls from age seven to eighteen for
North Solihull neighbourhood sports program, and is also with all Aston Villa F.C Girls
teams from age 10 up to 16 to help improve their overall fitness. Box Clever has been
used by other sports was first put in to practise at Birmingham City F.C Community trust
been used with their youth sides, and making full use of Box Clever's flexibility been
able to set up anywhere with enough space with the sessions been took outdoors at
their own training ground at wast hills

BOX CLEVER   has a number of programs to suit all requirements, but the one most
used is the 12 week programme consisting of around an hour per session each week.
Each session focuses on different skill sets and starts with a warm up, skipping,
instructional coaching, fitness circuits, bag work, and pad work, and finishes with a
warm down consisting of stretching exercises.

BOX CLEVER   Works. To find out more click on pages listed on the menu bar or you
can use the contact page.
                                BOX CLEVER

is non contact boxing training for both boys and girls from age five upwards,
and is great for combating anti social behaviour, and promotes discipline,
respect, loyalty, instills confidence, self esteem, and helps tackle obesity with
the solid fitness program which is built in
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