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Wayne,when you finally retire from being an active professional Boxer,will you be
looking to stay involved in the sport in some way and if so what would that be.
C Giles Birmingham

Whilst I am still active it’s a tough question to answer but I would say it’s more a question of what I
wouldn't do..

There are so many things I still want to have a go at in the sport when I retire.  I have my trainers
licence already but I'm not certain that this is the path I will take.  I don’t want to focus on one area
with so many available.  I have enjoyed being involved in activities to promote the sport and have
really enjoyed giving something back.  It has been very rewarding introducing a new face to the
boxing scene or maybe just helping a fellow sportsman or woman excel in there chosen sport,
using some of the principles and methods boxing has taught me.

I do know for certain though boxing has not seen the last of me when the time finally comes for me
to retire.  Boxing has been a big part of my life and I have gained many good friends along the
way.  I have loved every minute (well nearly every minute, with the exception of those minutes after
a lost fight) and I hope to be involved and contribute to the sport long after I retire.

Hi Wayne, what is your training routine like for a title fight  what would you do on a
typical day ?
M Wilts Suffolk

I Start the day at around 7am with a long jog covering around 7 and a half miles,I then rest until
2pm when I then go to gym to do circuits & bag & pad work leaving the gym at around 5.30,I either
go back to gym if requested for technical work or go for a shorter run around 3 miles at a sprint
pace around 9pm before getting some much needed rest and getting some sleep as early as
possible to prepare for following day

What does your fight diet consist of ? L Hinds unknown

I eat at least 4 to 5 times a day and look at getting all the vital vitamins my body needs and will
snack in between on fruit quite often

I always start the day with a bowl of porridge and follow that with a slice of toast and a poached egg
and a glass of Grapefruit juice,
porridge is one of the best forms of carbohydrates and gives you all the energy for the long day
ahead Grapefruit juice actually helps your body as it works like acid on fat and helps to break it
down and the egg gives you some of the protein our body's need the right foods to function and
give the energy to carry out the physical exercise my job requires

I will eat a light salad with some tuna a couple of hours before going to gym.

After afternoon training I have my main meal of the day which could be either pasta with some
chicken with the skin removed and sometimes grilled to reduce the fat content or a piece of fish
with some potatoes or a jacket potato, with both meals I eat lots of vegetables as they carry no
weight so you can eat as much as you like and carry vital vitamins your body needs to function at
the highest level.
It is best to eat your main meal way before bed time so it does not turn into fat and your body can
digest it before you go to sleep,If I do eat later it will always be a protein meal so usually fish
Salmon,and kippers are a good source of vitamins depending on my weight it could be with just
vegetables,I will also eat a bowl of fruit salad

I will eat again after my last session but this will only be a very light meal perhaps a cup a soup with
a slice of freshly made bread, as I believe it is better for my body as fresh bread does not carry the
same ingredients as a loaf as they have ingredients in them to help keep them fresh and last longer

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